Legal India is neither a Law Firm nor a Joint Practice of Law; it is a Network of Lawyer and Law Firms of India. Legal India will handle your Cases or Opinion through a well channeled Network of Advocates & Law Firms throughout India.

You can rely upon us because we think nobody is completely perfect and able to provide complete Legal Solution at a point in India, due to its vast Service Areas and distinct Nature of Service and also due to big Gegoraphical boundaries of the Country. Legal India has taken it as a challange and decided to break the barrier of geogoraphical boundaries.

Corporate & Commercial Law

We are engaged in providing our clients with services related to corporate law and practices. The corporate team employed at our end consists of experienced lawyers and advisors who club their broad knowledge of corporate laws with various key sub-disciplines to provide better services.

We effectively comprehend our clients’ requirements and work them out by applying the extracts of several years of experience in this domain.
Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is one of the fastest growing legal fields in India specially after the signing of GATT. With the revolution of information technology, a multitude of problems has cropped up that demand immediate legal assistance.

UNIVERSAL SOLICITOR CO. is involved in all kinds of Intellectual Property Rights matters including Trade Marks, Patents, Copyright and Designs. Agarwal & Co. provide advice on the creation and protection of intellectual property rights connected with information technology especially pertaining to telecommunications, software etc.
Real Estate

Legal India provides wide range of services in Real Estate like preparing legal documents and documentation for the purchase, leasing, sale, mortgage of real estate properties including commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential property. We also advise clients on the applicable local laws, such as stamp duties and requirements of registration.

As an integral part of this area of practice, we also advise on licensing and regulatory approvals required from government and statutory agencies. Legal India also provides its services in litigation filed against government bodies such as DDA, M.C.D, L&DO, HUDA, any other Authority before various legal forums, in wide range of matters relating to land misuse disputes, land acquisition proceedings, sale of property, leasing matters, house tax issues, and municipal rules and byelaws.
Labour law

The history of labour legislation in India is naturally interwoven with the history of British colonialism. Considerations of British political economy were naturally paramount in shaping some of these early laws. In the beginning it was difficult to get enough regular Indian workers to run British establishments and hence laws for indenturing workers became necessary. This was obviously labour legislation in order to protect the interests of British employers.Then came the Factories Act.

It is well known that Indian Textile goods offered stiff competition to British textiles in the export market and hence in order to make India labour costlier the Factories Act was first introduced in 1883 because of the pressure brought on the British parliament by the textile magnates of Manchester and Lancashire. Thus we received the first stipulation of eight hours of work, the abolition of child labour, and the restriction of women in night employment, and the introduction of overtime wages for work beyond eight hours.
All kind of Taxes

We provide domestic and international tax consultancy services that are meant for minimization of taxes. Our service complies with the corporate tax services and international tax services, in order to assist our clients in dealing with tax-related matters and regulatory authorities.

Our tax consulting and assistance services include:

  • Corporate Income Tax and Withholding Taxes
  • International Tax
  • Transfer Pricing
Legal Outsourcing

Universal Solicitor Law Solutions is a leading Legal Process Outsourcing Services.. We are constantly evolving into a forward-thinking firm, accommodating the business growth of our clients and our surrounding communities. We provide complete solutions for the legal industry, from Legal Representation, Legal Research and Analysis to Legal Transcription, Legal Drafting, Coding and Documentation Service. They assist our clients from diverse sectors in their different legal issues and matters.
Human Rights

A compilation of judgments enunciating and expanding the rights of persons with disabilities in India has been missed and demanded for long time. This book brings together progressive judgments from various Indian courts and forums relating to the rights of persons with disabilities on issues like employment, education, access, housing and social security, apart from those laying down some vital general principles of disability rights.

Some fresh grounds have been covered by including judgments originating from statutes and branches of law, which are not directly related to persons with disabilities, but have provisions that impact their rights in matters such as marriage/divorce, adoption/guardianship, property and criminology. The book also carries a large chapter on judgments on rights of persons with mental disabilities in an effort to integrate them within the disability jurisprudence. Some leading judgments from certain foreign jurisdictions, which may be instructive have also been included. There are brief analyses at the beginning of each chapters which speak of related legal provisions and issues within the chapter.
Company Incorporation

We offer our clients a wide range of company incorporation services that enables them to start off with their business in a certain location. Our clients based in national and international arenas avail the service to establish a branch of their original setup in any part of the world.

A panel of skilled professional is employed at our end that is well versed with the various company acts and related rules. These experts assist our clients with all the legal norms and issues to ensure easy business process. We offer our clients with the following help and support:
  • Provide them with registration forms and related documents
  • Various information about locales for setting up their infrastructure
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandums and other documents for establishing associations
  • Approvals by the Indian government for overseas companies to establish their operations in India.
Family Law

Welcome to FindLaw's Family Law Center. Here you will find in-depth information and resources to help if you are in need of assistance with a family-related legal issue. Whether you are a parent, spouse, child, unmarried couple, or same-sex partner, this section will guide you through a number of common family law topics -- including marriage, parenting, adoption, divorce, and child custody -- and provides useful tips on hiring a family law attorney, and much more.
Cyber Law

Cyber law (also referred to as cyberlaw) is a term used to describe the legal issues related to use of communications technology, particularly "cyberspace", i.e. the Internet. It is less a distinct field of law in the way that property or contract are as it is an intersection of many legal fields, including intellectual property, privacy, freedom of expression, and jurisdiction. In essence, cyber law is an attempt to integrate the challenges presented by human activity on the Internet with legacy system of laws applicable to the physical world.
Criminal law

The Criminal Defence Service (CDS) guarantees that people under police investigation or facing criminal charges can get legal advice and representation. By ensuring that people accused of crimes have access to legal advice and representation, the CDS also helps the police and courts operate fairly and efficiently. The CDS is run by the LSC in partnership with criminal defence lawyers and representatives.

Criminal legal aid offers:
  • Advice and assistance from a solicitor on criminal matters
  • Free legal advice from a solicitor at the police station during questioning
  • The cost of a solicitor preparing a case and initial representation for certain proceedings at a magistrates'or Crown Court
  • Full legal representation for defence in criminal cases at all court levels
  • A duty solicitor to provide free legal advice and representation at magistrates' court.
Civil Law

Legal services programs, often called "legal aid societies," provide direct civil representation, at reduced cost or for free, to low income and elderly clients. Legal services attorneys ensure equal access to the justice system for people who could not otherwise afford attorneys. Much of a legal services lawyer's work involves individual client contact, and attorneys often take on "bread and butter" cases in which a client's fundamental rights and needs are in jeopardy-for example, representing families in wrongful eviction cases.

Advocating for women who need protection from abuse, or arguing for a worker who has been denied employment benefits. Many legal services offices are organized by subject matter and the staff lawyers specialize in one area of practice. In some offices, lawyers are generalists, handling the spectrum of cases that fall within their program's mandate.

Universal Solicitor provide the marketplace with focused, professional claims management. While concentrating on self-insured clients, we also offer a broad range of services to insurers, reinsurers and brokers. It is vital, in today's dynamic market, to maintain flexibility and to adapt quickly to change. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize our service and delivery to our client's needs.
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